Clewis advisors   Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services


Clewis  Advisors is a Tampa, Florida based real estate company offering a full range of commercial real estate advisory services. The foundation of its business is constructed on three generations of local knowledge and experience in finance, investments and real estate in the central florida market.  Deep relationships with professional intermediaries  including legal, finance and government, enable  Clewis Advisors  to provide an  equaled level of service.

As an owner and manager of industrial, office and retail real estate properties in Tampa, Clewis Advisors is in a position to provide a unique perspective to its clients that most advisors cannot. Clewis Advisors has represented a diverse client base including domestic and international corporations, local investors and government entities. 

All successful relationships are based on mutual trust and hard work and we put a premium on both.   We manifest these characteristics  when we create value for our clients through:

                                            Licensed Real Estate Broker

Knowledge                    Experience                   integrity        




Asset Management

Asset Preservation



*Market Knowledge

*Strong Analytical Process

*In depth research

*Transaction implementation